Tungsten Carbide Sputtering Target – WC


Our binderfree tungsten carbide sputtering targets are produced in Germany. Tungsten carbide sputtering targets are widely used for diamond like thin film coatings on cutting tools and combustion engine applications. With a tungsten carbide coating a longer durability and high wear resistance can be achieved. FAST Metallurgy can supply tungsten-carbide-sputtering targets in 24 hours.

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All aboutTungsten Carbide Sputtering Target – WC

FAST Metallurgy has a long-lasting experience in tungsten carbide sputtering targets with a robust supply chain around the world.
With production in Germany, FAST Metallurgy can react quickly on customer demands and deliver also small volumes in a very short time for competitive pricing. With this flexibility and customer orientation FAST Metallurgy has become one of the largest Tungsten carbide sputtering target (WC) suppliers in Europe.

The most common Tungsten Carbide sputtering target is currently in the rectangular shape with the size 170x75x12 mm. But also, other shapes can be supplied, based on customer requests.

To get your quotation on your Tungsten Carbide (WC) sputtering targets please send us an inquiry, with the desired amount, target size or machine supplier. We will reply your inquiry for Tungsten Carbide (WC) sputtering targets in 24 hours.

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Tungsten Carbide Sputtering Target – WC

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