CNC-Lathe Service

With our CNC Lathe service we can serve our customers in a very short lead time. The most modern lathe machines are available at our machine shop and can be requested on short notice.

With our CNC service you can save the investment and trouble of handling your own CNC lathe machine. We have a decade long experience in CNC-turning and machining of the most complex parts for our customers. For this reason we can machine your parts in the shortest possible time with a competitive pricing.

As soon as we receive the customers’ drawings our engineers start creating a CNC-program and order the necessary raw material. Then a suitable CNC-turning machine is selected and the necessary time slot is booked.

The necessary cutting tools are mounted into the CNC-lathe machine and the parts are ready to be machined.

For us it is also possible to manufacture single pieces or prototypes. As soon as our customer decides that this part is going into high volume machining, everything is already prepared and production can start immediately.

What is CNC Turning and Machining?

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Turning and Machining is the high-precision machining of parts. With the help of the computer control unit, high precision and repeatability can be achieved which would not be possible with a manual process. During the milling process the part is rotated at high speeds while a cutting tool is feeding into the material to achieve the desired shape. It is also known as “subtraction” machining.

With automation and driven tools, high volumes can be produced at competitive prices. The driven tools also enable some machining that can be done while the part is not rotating. With this capability, the border between CNC milling and CNC turning is getting more and more blurred.

There are many many machine manufacturers and machine sizes on the market but the working principle for a CNC lathe is always the same.

CNC Lathe

A CNC lathe rotates the part about an axis of rotation at high speeds. On this turning part, tools are then applied which take material off from the part. It can be cutting, sanding, drilling, turning and many more operations. The first evidence of a lathe dates back to 1300 BC, so it has a long history. 

Today lathes come in at all sizes, shapes and from various manufacturers. They are used in many industries from woodworking to the metal industry. To be the most efficient we source our machines from only one supplier. 

The lifetime of a lathe can be many years and sometimes many centuries. But of course, this always depends on the usage and maintenance. The better the maintenance and the lower the load, the longer the CNC-lathe can be productive. Very often the CNC controls are the first thing to break down and need to be updated.

What are the Features of CNC Lathe Machining?

Rapid Turnaround

An important factor for your costs is how fast we can produce a piece. The longer we need to use the machine, the more expensive the part is getting.

Therefore the turnaround time is a very important factor in our calculation. This depends on the part itself and its geometry but also on the machine. The machine has to fit to the parts. Smaller machines can be much faster at turning as large machines. Obviously many factors determine the final price of your product (material, shape, complexity, size etc.) but the turnaround time is a crucial factor.

High Precision Tolerances

Another important point is the precision of your machine. High performance CNC-turning machines can operate in the range of +- 0.001 mm, which is the size of a human hair. This allows for very precise CNC-turning and the perfect fit for your part.

But of course not all parts need this precision, so also here the part needs to fit the machine to be cost efficient. We will always select the CNC-turning machine which fits your product best and gives you the best price for your requirements.


Scalability and Variability are always two opposite factors. On the one hand, you want to produce your turning parts as fast as possible but on the other hand, you don’t want to buy a machine for these parts specifically, because then you need to invest only in this part. 

These days scalability happens often through automatization. Automatic loading and unloading for example help to increase the speed and output of your desired part.

Custom Surface Finishes

Surface Finishing is expensive and can’t be automated too well. The higher the requirements for the surface in the turning process the more time it takes. Sometimes making the perfect surface with the tightest tolerances takes most of the time.

But to create a perfect finishing with tight tolerances, constant checking and adjusting of our machine experts is necessary to get the desired result. 

Material Selection

Every material behaves differently. Aluminum can’t be machined the same way as steel. High-strength steel behaves differently from copper, titanium, or other metals. Each metal needs a different treatment during the CNC-turning process. And a lot of experience is necessary to know how to handle the different materials.

All CNC-programs are adjusted and created according to the used material. Also, the cutting tools are carefully selected depending on the raw material. We can supply all desired materials and have the know-how and experience to machine special alloys.

Cost Saving

We are all under competition. Cost and quality are the most important factors to be competitive in the market and to be able to support our customers with the necessary benefits.

We are constantly updating our machine park and are training our people extensively to be able to deliver the best performance possible. Therefore we are able to support our customers with the best prices, the shortest delivery time and the desired quality for CNC turning parts.

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Why Choose Our CNC Lathe Services?

Sometimes it may seem logical to buy your own lathe and to produce the necessary parts by yourself. But to start with an own CNC-lathe is risky. We have many years of experience, we know the material, have the newest machines and the capability to deliver on time. Setting up an Inhouse CNC-turning process takes a lot of effort and it is not enough to just buy one machine. Therefore it is very often the better and more cost efficient solution to outsource the turning process to the experts, like us. It is cheaper and more reliable to have a partner who can supply you the necessary parts with a short lead time. 

How it works?

Just send us your CAD files and you will get an offer in 24 hours.