Chromium Tungsten Sputtering Target – CrW


Chromium Tungsten (CrW) sputtering targets are used for special coatings in the hot working industry. CrW is not only very robust against oxidation and wear & tear, but also very protective against chemicals, like liquid aluminum. This makes CrW perfect for the Aluminum die casting industry.

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All aboutChromium Tungsten Sputtering Target – CrW

FAST Metallurgy can deliver any size and shape of Chromium Tungsten (CrW) sputtering targets in very short delivery time.

This flexibility and customer orientation makes FAST Metallurgy one of the largest suppliers of CrW sputtering targets in Europe. To get your quotation on your Chromium Tungsten (CrW) sputtering target please send us an inquiry, with the desired amount, target size or machine supplier and composition. We will reply your inquiry for Chromium tungsten sputtering (CrW) targets in 24 hours.

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Chromium Tungsten Sputtering Target – CrW

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