FAST Metallurgy GmbH, founded in April 2008, specializes in the production of specialty ceramics, metal-matrix-composites (MMC) and ceramic-matrix-composites (CMC). Nowadays, these materials are used in microelectronics, automotive engineering, photovoltaic, physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating technologies and many other industries.

The production of some MMC and CMC is virtually or even entirely impossible using conventional technologies. Even with state of the art technologies applied by FAST Metallurgy GmbH it is still very sophisticated to produce the materials in accordance with required physical properties.

The process technology of FAST Metallurgy GmbH covers the compaction of materials within a wide temperature range from 200°C to 2500°C, which allows the suppression of grain growth and customization of properties during the production of high performance materials from nano-powders. The grain size of these powders range from only ten to a few hundred nanometers (for comparison, the particle size of those powders is in the range of the smallest structures of modern high-performance microprocessors and approximately a thousand times smaller than the average width of a human hair).

In cooperation with our partners we invested all our efforts into the technological development of our production line. We are proud of now being able to manufacture almost the full range of ceramics and metal-ceramic composites at feasible and competitive costs. The production covers the complete value chain from the procurement of raw materials, blending, pelletizing, pre-heat treatment to final densification and machining. Beside the grain size, the porosity of the densified parts is of significant importance to our customers. Products either must have almost theoretical density or should have a defined and long term stable reproducible porosity.

FAST Metallurgy GmbH is a full service provider for R&D projects for small and medium sized companies but maintains also close partnership with innovation departments of equipment manufacturers and multinational enterprises. FAST Metallurgy GmbH offers to its customers all skills and expertise to realize a project from the first idea of a customer designed material to the final integration into series mass production.

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