Titanium Sputtering Target – Ti

Ti-sputtering target

Titanium sputtering targets today are widely used as a thin film coating. Due to the good corrosion resistance, high heat resistance and good affordability, it has a wide range of applications.

FAST Metallurgy can provide any size and shape of Titanium sputtering targets in the shortest delivery time. Round and rectangular sizes of any dimension can be provided in the purity grade which is desired.

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All aboutTitanium Sputtering Target – Ti

Based on the ASME standards, Titanium can be delivered in four different purity grades. The Titanium grade defines how many other elements are allowed in the titanium sputtering target. FAST Metallurgy can provide any quality grade desired by the customer. In addition, it is also possible to deliver Titanium sputtering targets based on specific customer requirements, which deviate from the ASME standards.

With the production and storage based in Germany, FAST Metallurgy can react quickly on customer demands and deliver also small volumes in a very short time for competitive pricing. With this flexibility and customer orientation FAST Metallurgy has become one of the largest Titanium sputtering target suppliers in Europe.

To get your quotation on your Titanium (Ti) sputtering targets please send us an inquiry, with the desired amount, target size or machine supplier and quality grade. We will reply your inquiry for Titanium sputtering targets in 24 hours.

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Titanium Sputtering Target – Ti

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