Chromium Boron Sputtering-Targets – Cr (B)

Chromium-Boron Sputtering-Target

Chromium-Boron Sputtering targets are increasingly popular because of their great properties. FAST Metallurgy can supply any size and combination of CrB sputtering target in the shortest delivery time. We always have some stock of CrB sputtering-targets.

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All aboutChromium Boron Sputtering-Targets – Cr (B)

CrBN thin film coatings have great potential in many wear applications. Adding the right amount of boron to CrN it is possible to nucleate h-BN/c-BN, which can create a very hard coating with low surface friction and superior corrosion resistance. This makes CrBN perfect for many wear applications and is the reason for it’s increasing popularity.

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Chromium Boron Sputtering-Targets – Cr (B)

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