Aluminum Chromium Silicium Sputtering Targets – AlCrSi


AlCrSi-Sputtering-Targets are often used to protect cutting tools and to prolong their lifetime. A high quality AlCrSi sputtering target is essential to achieve these results. FAST Metallurgy can provide all material combinations and sizes for AlCrSi sputtering targets.

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All aboutAluminum Chromium Silicium Sputtering Targets – AlCrSi

Ternary alloy combinations like AlCrSi is the key competence of FAST Metallurgy. Ternary systems have improved mechanical, tribological and electrochemical properties. FAST Metallurgy can produce any combination and size in a very short lead time for a competitive price. A specific customer order can be produced and shipped out in days, not in weeks, which is the current industry standard. Due to this flexibility and customer orientation, FAST Metallurgy could achieve continuous growth during the last years.

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Aluminum Chromium Silicium Sputtering Targets – AlCrSi

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